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  • Harry K. Sickler, Jr., CPA
    Harry K. Sickler, Jr., CPA

Harry K. Sickler, Jr., CPA

Harry K. Sickler, Jr., CPA is the founder of Sickler Tarpey & Associates. He grew up in his hometown of Tyrone, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Tyrone High School, he then went on to college at Notre Dame. As a Notre Dame graduate he spent two years as a Marine before he became an accountant for Price Waterhouse in Los Angeles. In 1958, he moved back home and worked for his cousin Oliver Schell’s accounting firm.

Through the years Harry took over the company and has molded it into what it is today. He has helped the local community in so many ways such as saving the Tyrone Hospital from bankruptcy and has personally been involved in many business ventures. He officially retired in 2012 and sold part of the firm to Randy Tarpey. We are very thankful for everything he has done for the company and hope to continue his legacy at the quality it deserves.

  • Randy Tarpey, CPA
    Randy Tarpey, CPA

Randy Tarpey, CPA

Randy Tarpey, CPA is the principal owner of Sickler Tarpey & Associates. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the Oklahoma State University. He began his career with his business partner, Harry K. Sickler, Jr. in November 1994, as a tax accountant who prepares individual and small business tax returns. He primarily works in Central Pennsylvania but also remotely in all 50 states and for many US citizens overseas.

As a Certified Public Accountant tax preparation is his professional focus including simple returns done economically and complex returns prepared properly. In addition to his tax work, Randy Tarpey has experience working with the state’s many incentive programs for small businesses, as well as assisting with tax credit sales for large companies. His biggest passion is working as a volunteer for the Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund, assisting donors and other charities with navigating the PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit Programs. Randy resides in Altoona with his wife Mary and two daughters, Olivia and Abigail.

Our Staff

  • Josh Burwell, EA
    Josh Burwell, EA Accountant
  • Chris DeAntonio, EA
    Chris DeAntonio, EA Accountant
  • John Horell, EA
    John Horell, EA Accountant
  • Kaitlin Steinbugl, EA
    Kaitlin Steinbugl, EA Accountant
  • Brent Baker
    Brent Baker Accountant


  • Jennifer Dolby
    Jennifer Dolby Accountant


  • Zach Garlick
    Zach Garlick Accountant


  • Traci Glass
    Traci Glass Accountant
  • Casi Huffman
    Casi Huffman Accountant
  • Susie McGinley
    Susie McGinley Accountant


  • Derek Miller
    Derek Miller Accountant
  • Rebekah Mueller
    Rebekah Mueller Accountant


  • Jennifer Murphy
    Jennifer Murphy Accountant
  • Sam Pewu
    Sam Pewu Accountant


  • Miranda Pierson
    Miranda Pierson Accountant
  • Autumn Summers
    Autumn Summers Accountant
  • Julie Tipton
    Julie Tipton Accountant


  • Angel Butterbaugh
    Angel Butterbaugh Receptionist
  • Crystal Beck
    Crystal Beck Admin Support


  • Tami Clark
    Tami Clark Admin Support
  • Rachelle Reasy
    Rachelle Reasy Admin Support
  • Eliza Shoemaker
    Eliza Shoemaker Admin Support


  • Christy Musselman
    Christy Musselman Admin Support


  • Kimberly Woomer
    Kimberly Woomer Admin Support
  • Jerry Ziegler
    Jerry Ziegler Board Of Directors


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