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KIZ Resources

KIZ Resources, LLC

KIZ Resources is dedicated to help accelerate the growth and success of Pennsylvania business by helping you receive cash for any transferable tax credit. Visit our website today and see a list of available programs that you could qualify for!



Sickler Tarpey & Associates has branched out into the world of Bitcoin! As more of our clients have been trading different types of cryptocurrencies we knew it was time to become experts in this field. Call today for a free cryptocurrency tax consultation!

Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund

Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund

Sickler Tarpey & Associates is passionate in helping the children in our community and state thrive. The CPSF does that by assisting donors to participate in the PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC). The EITC program is a private public partnership to redirect your tax dollars to schools. By donating to schools and other educational programs you are allowing children to choose to get a better education.

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